Humana at Home

Victory Medical Solutions LLC (VMS) has been a Contract Provider for Humana At Home (HAH) since November 2013, providing quality Care Management services to Humana members in 18 states; AZ, CO, FL, KY, MI, MT, NE, NM, NM, NY, OK, TN, TX, PA, UT, VA, WA and WI.  VMS recruits RNs, LPNs and MSWs as advocates and coordinators to help members access benefits & resources, and as coaches to assist with disease management and self-care.  Our goal is to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits.

Robert Dietterick, LPN/Clinical Director – hired in July of 2014 as a Travel Care Manager for Northwestern Arizona then promoted in August of 2015 to Clinical Director due to his outstanding professionalism, dedication and work ethics. Robert has a full understanding of all clinical regulations, and he supports all Care Managers and Administrative Supervisors. 

Jeanet Hernandez, Lead Administrative Supervisor– started as an Administrative Intern in October of 2015, then directly recruited as a HAH Administrative Assistant in December 2015. Due to Jeanet’s hard work and eagerness to learn and move up the ladder, she was promoted to Lead Administrative Supervisor in February 2016.  Jeanet has mastered the employee recruitment/ member placement process, and the supervisory skills necessary to support the overall team.