Why Choose VMS?

Benefits to Patients and Families Who Choose VMS

Victory Medical Solutions LLC Nurse Practitioners improve the quality of patient care and family satisfaction through dedication and appropriate medical treatment. Treating long-term care patients to improve their activities of daily living and improve their quality of life is our mission and primary focus.

Our Nurse Practitioners:

  • provide a holistic treatment approach and conduct preventive screening to detect patient problems before they become critical
  • take routine and emergency calls from the facility regarding the patients
  • address patient, staff, and family issues or concerns
  • help prevent costly emergency room trips, which create physical and emotional stress

Benefits to Physicians Who Choose VMS

Our Victory Medical Solutions LLC Nurse Practitioners save you valuable time and improve your ability to provide quality care to patients in long-term care facilities at no charge to you.

The VMS key points of service to physicians include:

  • taking your patient and family phone calls
  • providing you with patient information according to your treatment parameters
  • covering after hours, weekends, and holiday calls from the facilities
  • reducing the number of fax reports and email from the facilities
  • acute evaluation and chronic disease management of your patients

With VMS Nurse Practitioners as part of the care delivery team, your risk of lawsuit diminishes, and our Nurse Practitioners are fully insured with malpractice insurance.

Victory Medical Solutions LLC will save you time and money by making you more productive in the care of your long term care patients. 

Benefits to Facilities that Choose VMS

Treating long-term care patients is the major focus and priority of Victory Medical Solutions LLC. Through frequently scheduled on-site visits to the facility, our Nurse Practitioners provide overall primary care for patients in collaboration with attending physicians.

Facilities enjoy the following benefits from VMS Nurse Practitioners:

  • addressing of patient, staff and family concerns promptly and efficiently, resulting in higher physician and staff efficiency and productivity.
  • transmitting of timely patient assessment directly to physicians and hospitals.
  • providing prompt treatment to the patient.
  • following strict documentation and regulation guidelines.
  • helping reduce the need for costly transfer of patients to acute hospitals.
  • placing difficult I.V. catheters & G. Tubes.

Using Victory Medical Solutions LLC Nurse Practitioners’ services greatly diminishes malpractice liability exposure for the facilities and the attending physician. Our Nurse Practitioners follow the facility formulary and senior care pharmacy guidelines and routinely interact with the consultant pharmacists regarding polypharmacy and other medication issues. We also provide ongoing education to your nursing staff.

Give us a call today and see why Tucson and Phoenix area families, facilities and physicians choose VMS.


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